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Is Your Home Church, Your University, Your Life, Your Dreams Come True, Your Happiness, Your Education, Your Family, and Your Country. 

FounderChurch is a teaching Ministry Mission that serves various Conservative-Believer Causes in service to God and Country. 

Isn't it time you turned your life around, if so, FounderChurch is the way to get it done, before it is too late.  

You only live once, and that very briefly. So, live your life to the best of your abilities so you have no regrets, and no guilt. You can't take anything with you when you die, and none of us know if today might be our last day, week, month, or year. 

When you are dead it is too late to lead a better life, and too late to receive forgiveness for ALL your sins. Do both those things now. And the way to start is to join this, your church, and help perfect its Ministries with your efforts, time, money and resources.  

YOU CAN make a big, big difference, both in what amounts to the rest of your present life, and in your life eternal. Do you want to be rejected by God as unfit? Do you want your life here on earth to be of a high quality? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then we have some thing to talk about, and somewhere to go together. 

Don't delay, communicate with us by email to indicate your interest. Here are our rules. 

1. The only litmus test to join is that you be a Believer-Conservative, or Conservative-Believer, that is all. 
2. No one in this Ministry will ever be paid a salary. Everyone is, and always will be volunteers, giving freely of their time money, and resources. 
3. We have a large vision, and see ourselves saving this Country and the World, one person at a time. 
4. We are firmly Non-Denominational in every way, and we oppose religious bigotry of every type, shape or description. You are welcome from whatever Believer Faith you come from. We will respect that as you respect our not taking sides in all these religious disputes and quarrelsomenesses. 

Ministries Causes And Missions

Is it time for you to turn around, and turn over your life? 
If so you can do this through the Ministries of Founder Church. 

To Turn Over and Turn Around your life take advantage of FounderChurch. 

To start on this new journey, you need to join the Church. 

The reason you need to give to this good work is to give to yourself. 

It is for your own good, not for our good, but for your good.  

For Your Own Good,  Not For Our Good But For Yours! 

The Fact Is You Need Us Far More Than We Need You, But  We Still Need You. 

This is your site, and your church, and it is created for YOU. 

We need nothing but your welfare, but for your own good, you NEED to give to this worthy good cause because it is in your interest. 

Her Is How To Give, And What You Can Do! 

Contact us and make a commitment. 

Make your tax deductible gift to FounderChurch in any way you want.  

Let us know  you want to give, and we will help you to give in the best way for you. 

We are a fully Tax deductible Charitable Religious Church Organization.

Designate your donation be spent on the the project or projects you wish. 

Help with in-kind non-monetary support and assistance. 

Put Founder Church in your Will. Give a one time gift, or regularly every month, on your Credit or Debit Card. 

Register with us as a supporter 

Comment on the Teaching Articles we have published here.  

Help us Organize to get out the word to help others. 

Read as many Founder Church Teachings as you can. 
Let us know what Your Needs are. 

Donate your time and/or services. 

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Send emails inviting others to check out Founder Teaching Sites.

Post notices on the Internet or elsewhere giving the  URL address of Founder Sites.

We Need assistance building, publishing and maintaining our Websites, Outreaches, and Networks to help others, this is our only motivation. 

No one here collects any salaries and never will. This is a 100% Volunteer work.
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